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Peter Amazeen

I started my career on the expected American “fast-track”: Harvard, Brown Brothers Harriman (private banking), and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). After a number of years helping rich companies get richer, I concluded that my true interest is in the welfare and development of people in organizations. The switch in priority coincided with a switch in geography from New York to Stockholm where I founded a team-development company and then an executive coaching consultancy. 
I have complemented my strategic business background with years of training in communication and personal development. In my work today, I combine broad strategic and organizational business experience with deep communication, collaboration and change expertise to help business leaders and leadership teams create clarity from complexity, and drive meaningful change. 
My goal with every client is to understand, and to help. To understand your circumstances and goals, as well as your deeper priorities and needs. And to help you achieve your goals in ways that create meaning and satisfaction in your life. 

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